The is changing the way we do business in the Caribbean. Shoppers want a user-friendly, online marketplace where they can find a wide variety of products, get great customer support and get quick, affordable delivery … and we make it possible.

Whether you are an SME (small or medium enterprise) or large corporation, becoming a vendor on can be beneficial to your business. You can gain from a quick online set-up, wider audience, lower marketing costs, online payment solutions, shared courier services and other economies of scale. offers two types of selling plans (commissions-only and subscriptions-based) and this guide outlines the perks, procedures and pricing of each.


Affordable rate

There are no mandatory sign-up or registration fees. Once your vendor account is approved, you can list unlimited products immediately and only pay commissions on products sold. Premium packages are completely optional.

Point of sale system

Keep the inventory in your brick and mortar store in sync with the inventory on the website with our state-of-the-art point of sale system. The system allows you to print receipts, balance cash and get separate online cash registers for every staff member. When an item in your physical store is sold, the inventory on the website is automatically updated.

Easy setup

You can set up your online store quickly and easily with the user-friendly vendor dashboard. We also provide full documentation to guide you.

Courier services

We collect your products and deliver them directly to your customers. The courier fee is included in your commissions.

Advanced features

The vendor dashabord is packed with features. You can create a store banner, upload your logo, set store policies, view orders, print packaging labels, track analytics, create staff accounts and more.

Online payments

Funds are deposited directly to your bank account every two weeks.


Our website and payment gateways are secured. We also employ a cashless system to enhance safety and security.

Seller support

Our customer service representatives are available and willing to assist.

We can also arrange for product photography, graphic design and other services from third-party professionals on your behalf.

Premium marketing

We promote the website so that you don’t have to. You can also take advantage of our marketing plans to boost your product visibility and sales.


Create an account

You can apply to become a vendor using your personal customer account or you can create a dedicated vendor account that is not linked to a personal profile. We will review your application and send you a notification once approved.

Click on the title to learn more about setting up an account.


Once your application is approved, you must choose a selling plan to start listing products.

The commissions-only 'Micro' plan has no upfront costs and is perfect for entrepreneurs who do not expect sales of more than $1,200 per month. Alternatively, businesses that want to take advantage of our marketing options or anticipate monthly sales in excess of $1,200 should consider one of our subscription packages to benefit from lower commission rates and discounted advertising fees. Subscription plans can be upgraded or suspended at any time.

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After the plan is selected, you can begin to list products. You have the option to manually create product listings or to bulk upload products from a spreadsheet or website.

To ensure uniformity and professionalism, listings must meet the established guidelines.

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Now you can process orders, update listings, update settings, respond to customer queries, create staff accounts and make money on

We offer many advertising options to help you to attract more customers to your products. Visit the advertising page for rates.

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about selling on

Vendors can sell in all categories that do not require pre-authorization. Vendors must be pre-authorized to sell intellectual property, subscription-based products, virtual products, collectors items, jewelry, used items and gift cards.

In keeping with laws, regulations, ethics and moral code, the below products cannot be listed on Please note that this list is not exhaustive so vendors should consult an attorney for guidance.

  • Animals
  • Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
  • Explosives, Weapons & Related Items
  • Hazardous & Dangerous Items
  • Lock Picking & Theft Devices
  • Mystery Boxes/ Surprise Boxes
  • Offensive, Malicious or Controversial Materials
  • Products With Serial Numbers Altered or Removed
  • Real Estate
  • Stolen Items
  • Vehicles

The sale of prohibited or unsafe items may lead to account suspension/termination, withholding of payments and/or civil and criminal penalties.

Yes. You can permanently close an account but, bear in mind, there are numerous ways to temporarily suspend your account (e.g. the store vacation feature or unpublishing products).

To close a vendor account permanently, contact us via email ( and request permanent closure. Please note that once the account is closed, it connot be recovered.

Your net sales proceeds will be directly deposited to your local bank account twice monthly.

Yes. We provide full documentation to assist you in managing your vendor account. You will be granted access when your vendor account is approved.

Yes. You will receive an email when an order is placed. The order will also be listed in the order queue of your dashboard.

Unless otherwise permitted, delivery must be made through The Culpepper Courier. The courier fee for stardard, non-bulky items is included in your commissions. You can also request pre-authorization to deliver your own bulky packages.

*Bulky packages have a dimensional weight** of more than 22lbs and will incur an additional fee of $1 per pound for collection. This applies to all categories except grocery & food.

**Dimensional weight (DIM Weight) is calculated as follows:

If L x W x H ≤ 1728 in3 :

DIM Weight – (W x H x L)/166

If L x W x H > 1728 in3

DIM Weight = (W x H x L)/13